Today's the Day!


Today is the day that you can virtually dive right in to the wonderful world of Cedar Creek! 

Our first batch of images are now LIVE, ready for YOU to make all sorts of discoveries! Our researchers are super excited to start hacking away at our massive backlog of data. We’ve got a whole "year in the life" of Cedar Creek to look through, and as soon as we get these images processed, we can start answering exciting questions about what’s going on in these animal communities. Remember – volunteers like you have made news-worthy discoveries by looking at images like these, even resulting in scientific publications for some citizen scientists! We are so excited to see what you find, and don’t forget to hashtag... 


Deer and bats hang out together at night! Who knew?


Check out this bald eagle going for a swim!


Bobcats are so rare at Cedar Creek, we didn’t even include them on our species list – to find one is a BIG DEAL!

… and anything else you’d like us to take a look at! We’ll be constantly updating our social media and looking for the most exciting pictures you find to post on our Instagram and Facebook pages. We’ll let the world know you discovered something cool! We’re also going to post the first image loved, first comment commentedmost interesting find, and best hashtags on all our platforms. Don’t forget, if you have any questions for our research crew, jump on the discussion board and we’re happy to chat with you about what you’re seeing! Have fun exploring our northern temperate wilderness and don’t forget to keep coming back to help our researchers get the data they need to increase our understanding of the natural world! Your work matters, and we couldn't do it without you! Happy classifying!